Baby shower is complete. I was incredibly relieved Sunday evening… it was over, & Cousin M was pleased. She’s the kind of guest-of-honor that every hostess wants to have. She verbally acknowledged every single little detail, even the tiny ones that no one else in the world would even notice, much less mention aloud. I love that. I love it when it actually matters to someone else that the tissue paper pompoms matched her nursery colors EXACTLY. Or that the tags on the favors actually had grommets holding them together rather than simple hole-punches. It thrilled me to see her so happy with the details — made it so worth it.

And because mosaics are way more fun than your average picture, here ya go:

Oh, & can you see the topiaries on the table? Yep, I so made those. They’re going to live on my mantle (sans blue bows) as soon as I de-baby-shower this place. I’m pretty happy with how they turned out… yay for online topiary tutorials! :)