I’ve been kinda on a roll here lately, what with the linen closet reorg & the rehoming of the Cobster. So now I’m feeling somewhat obsessed by the next project on my list. Or should I say projects… the pluralization is most definitely appropriate.

On July 25th (this coming Sunday), I’m hosting a baby shower for favorite cousin in the whole world, M. Then the following Wednesday (that would be the 28th, I suppose), Sue’s coming home from Charleston & the sisters three (plus babies two) are heading to Virginia to visit my mom’s family for a couple of days. Coming home on Sunday (I think), Aug 1st.

Then Sue moves out (again) on Wed, Aug 4th into her new apt in downtown Charleston. I’ve already told her that all of her belongings must fit into one of the following 3 categories:

  1. Goes to Charleston
  2. Goes to the attic
  3. Goes to the Goodwill

We’ll see how well I’m able to stick to my guns when she’s looking all sad & melancholy. It’s not that I’m trying to displace her… I’m just trying to DOWNSIZE her. The chick has more clothing in her closet at this very moment than I’ve had in my entire life, from birth to age 32. So we (I) will pack her up & move her down into her new place a week from Wed.

And then on Sat, Aug 14th, a little Clemson student is coming to take the bedroom furniture. I’ve hated this furniture with my whole heart during the entire 7 years of my & Bobby’s marriage. I’ve tried to convince him that we should sell it multiple times, & his eyes get all teary & he wails “But it’s my CHILDHOOD furniture.” Seriously, he’s such a woman sometimes.  He finally cracked though, & I Craig’s Listed it before he could change his mind.

So. Then Sue’s crap valuable belongings will be cleared out, & the hideous furniture of Bobby’s CHILDHOOD [insert sentimental sniff here] will be gone. Which means that I get to start anew with our two non-master bedrooms. I’m gonna paint both rooms, & move the office/sewing room into what is now the guest/Sue’s room. For the first time, I’m going to have an area that’s completely dedicated to my craft/sewing/hobby activities. And I’m just plain excited about that.

And since we’re selling the guest/Sue’s bed (& all accompanying furniture… sniff, sniff), I get to scour Craig’s List until I find a perfect new-to-me one.  Antique all the way, baby.

Oh, & I want to reorganize our laundry room, & make lots of storage space so that I can jump on this couponing bandwagon that everybody else is already on. Every time the couponers start talking about how much they saved, I feel all inadequate. It sucks.

I wonder how many of these lofty goals I’ll actually achieve before I run out of whatever’s making me feel all motivated. At which point, I’ll revert to my normal energy(less) levels… usually, Peter & I are on the same page: