I made the invitations for Daddy’s party. I cut, I hole-punched, I printed, I tied raffia in beautiful little square-knots. I stamped red stars on the envelopes to coordinate with the red gingham invites. I collected the addresses, bought postage, & stuck those suckers in the mail.

It was only then that I realized that I didn’t put the time on the invitations. I didn’t put the TIME of the party on the party invitations. Fail, Sarah. Failfailfailfail.

So I changed my voice mail (because I actually DID put my phone number to rsvp). It now says “Hi, this is Sarah. Leave a message & I’ll get back to you as soon as I can. If you’re calling about the retirement party, it starts at six o’ clock.”

I mean, really? I have made an insane amount of invitations in my time, & not once have I forgotten a minor detail such as, oh, THE TIME THE EVENT STARTS.

And just a quick sidenote before I go continue to berate myself for my invitation mishap… Daddy called yesterday & asked if we could rent a PA system for the party “cuz he has some stuff tuh say, & he don’t wanna hafta yell.” Oh, & he also asked if I had planned the “program” yet. I’m sorry, program?!? I was under the impression we were having a picnic, not a state dinner.

Ok, now back to fretting….