I love trees. I’ve actually started more than one post with this very sentence, which in itself should be proof of my love. Trees, however, do not love me. Or my family. Apparently.

First, there was the tree + convertible = no more convertible. Sarah & Bobby are now (seemingly permanently) a one-car family.

Then, the SAME TREE dropped another limb on my white picket fence. I have a white picket fence… I know, how very Mayberry of me. And now it’s been crapped upon by the same tree that squished Bobby’s car.

And for the worst tree offense of all… Jennifer & Tom’s house got treed. They are now referring to their home as their “Tree House.” It’s wretched, really. Jen, Tom & the two babies sat huddled in the hallway amid the sound of breaking glass & house-shaking crashes as trees came down all over the neighborhood.

Isn’t this sucky? I just thought I’d share a little suckiness with the blogosphere this morning…  I know, it could be worse. It could have fallen straight back instead of diagonally. It could have taken out their entire house instead of just their sunroom. It could have knocked off their roof instead of just poking holes in it. Yeah, yeah, it could have been worse. But it still just really, truly sucks.

I’m so thankful that everyone’s ok. The thought of losing another member of my core family is more than I can bear.