Let’s summarize, shall we? Bobby’s car got squashed by a tree limb belonging to our neighbor. And our neighbor has the crappiest homeowners insurance known to man, (sidenote: SafeCo sucks donkey balls) & it seems that we’re not going to get one dime from the insurance company. Which means that we’re faced with the task of coercing the little 20-yr-old who just moved in next door who works at a movie theater to pay for our damages. Yeah, not holding my breath. It’s just shitty bad luck. That’s the bottom line. And then we sold my car, which left us without a functioning vehicle, which led to completely impulsive spastic behavior culminating with my husband & my sister cussing each other in the driveway.

Ok, now that we’re up to speed…. A couple of days after the Great Family Brawl of 2010, we bought another (our third) Honda Accord. What can I say, we love some Accord. It’s a lovely vehicle, really, & we got a good deal on it. Paid cash. Yay for no car payments. But I’m still pissy because Bobby, by default, drives it every day & I’m in the unenviable position of scheduling everything around his schedule. I’ve been being a complete brat about it… call me spoiled, but I HATE not having a vehicle at my disposal.

So this past weekend, Bobby asks me if I want to go car-shopping & I told him no… I know myself, & I knew that I would find THE perfect car & become attached & want to buy it whether we had the money or not. He convinced me, & off we went. And sure enough, I found THE perfect car. Fell in love with an Acura MDX that’s just enough out of our price range to make it seem almost doable. We walk away, but I can’t stop thinking about it. It’s so perfect. It’s so beautiful. It has so many fun gadgets. It’s has everything we’re looking for & more. It’s MEANT to be my car, damn it. I’ve been obsessing.

During the last couple of days, I’ve been convincing myself & Bobby that this car is a good decision. And yesterday, we decided to buy it. We moved all of our liquid cash into the checking account… cleaned out our savings & our emergency fund & the business account… & went to bed last night with the full intentions of owning an Acura MDX by end of business today. But when we woke up this morning, we both felt a little queasy. What if we use all our cash & something bad happens? What if we have an accident? Or what if all Bobby’s clients default on their contracts? Or what if another limb falls, this time on our house, & we have a gaping hole in our roof? That would suck. And Bobby & I would feel embarrassed & ashamed because we KNOW better, & we would have done it to ourselves.

So I just moved all our money back into savings. No MDX for me. I’m sad, but also relieved. And annoyed that I’m going to be bumming a ride to work until we get enough cash saved for a second car. But most of all, I’m proud of us for not being rash. Little Bobby & Sarah are growing up [sniff, sniff].