After much discussion, Bobby & I have decided to “rehome” Coby.

He came to live with us in Mar-08… he needed a home, & we figured that one more Japanese Chin wouldn’t make that much of a difference. Wrong. I canNOT keep up with the massive amounts of dog hair in my house. It makes me crazy… crazier than I already am. And he’s quirky, & not in a good way. He was abused & malnourished by his previous owners, & I think a lot of his unacceptable behavior stems from that. He pees in the house when it’s raining because he doesn’t like getting wet. I mean, come on dude, you’re a DOG. He refuses to walk down the steps to the grass to poop… instead, he poops on the deck right outside the door. Bobby & I have stepped in more than our share of doggie doo because we didn’t look before we exited our house. And I know that we could (should) spend the time to retrain him, & we haven’t — & that makes me feel guilty because as a dog owner, it’s my responsibility to teach him & be patient with him. It’s just incredibly frustrating.

To be perfectly honest, we just don’t want two dogs. We want one. We want Oscar. We weren’t dog-shopping when Coby came to live with us — he was foisted on us. Oscar’s not as happy being one of two, & I feel like my relationship with Oscar has changed because I spend more time doing damage control than anything else.  I hate feeling like I favor Oscar over Coby… it’s not fair to either of them.

I’ve been feeling incredibly guilty about the entire thing. I feel like I’m betraying Coby… probably because I am. He’s such a cute, happy little guy, & no one gets why we want to find a new home for him. Like the nurses at the vet’s office this morning, for example — I asked if any of their clients are dog-shopping, & they could barely contain their disapproval & judgy-ness. I felt defensive, like I needed to explain myself. And then I felt annoyed because it’s none of their damn business.

I just want to find a good place for him to live. With someone who will love him. Somewhere that’s not my house, & someone who’s not me.