Four days ago, Bobby & I decided to sell our cars. We washed them & vacuumed them & photographed them & listed them on Craig’s List.

Today, four days later, a giant limb fell on Bobby’s little classic BMW convertible. ARGH. I could just…. spit. Un-fucking-believable. It crashed right across the top, bending the convertible frame, busting out the windows, scratching the (new) paint, & bending the door handle so as to make the passenger door unopenable. Damn it. Damndamndamnfuckshithell.

And the tree belongs to our new neighbor. Hi there, my name is Sarah. We’re your new next-door neighbors. Nice to meetcha… your tree fucked up my car.

So we’re dealing with insurance companies (ours & the neighbors) & figuring out how to be a one-car household for a while. Damn it all to hell.