Dear Diary,
I went to the beach. It was hot. I had fun.

No, really, I did. It was. And I did. Bobby & I headed to the beach for a week… got home just a little while ago. We celebrated our 7th wedding anniversary while we were away. Seven years?!? So hard to comprehend that I’ve been married that long. Really, really doesn’t seem that long ago…

It was a week of complete physical rejuvenation. Sat on the beach in a comfy chair with a cold drink & a book. Watched the tide come in. And go out. And come in again, and then go out again. We stayed in the same condo as last year — it’s pretty much the perfect place for two people seeking sun, sand, & solitude. And the occasional loggerhead turtle or two.

It rained on our anniversary, May 17th, so we went shopping. Ended up poking through a little folk & Gullah art gallery & bought ourselves a little anniversary present. Yay for presents!

We saved all of our serious goal-related discussions until the end of the week… there’s just something depressing about discussing finances & infertility on the beach. Took my notebook on Thursday, & we made a list of goals for the remainder of 2010. Softened the pain of yucky topics with a cooler bag of iced-down Corona. Ahhh, the nectar of the gods.

Didn’t wanna come home. Nope, sure didn’t.