Sue’s home from Charleston for the next 25 days. I’m glad she’s here, & I miss her when she leaves. But she does indeed add another dimension to my & Bobby’s tidy little household. She’s been home less than 24 hrs, & in that time, that following things have happened:

She parked right up on Bobby’s car & blocked him in the driveway. He went racing out of the house this morning,  running late for a meeting, & discovered that he was trapped. While cursing her & her car, he set off the ear-shattering house alarm system.

He then emailed a written missive to both of us about “parking strategically” & how before parking our cars, we “must think about how our cars are going to affect others.”

All this was before 8:15 this morning.

And there are spaghetti noodles in my shrubbery. In my neatly mulched shrubs, there’s an entire box of uncooked pasta scattered about. Why? I don’t know. I asked why she put pasta in my bushes & she laughed.

Only 24 days to go.

Kidding. Mostly.