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Thank ya’ll for your comments/emails about the Komen post. I plan to respond…  gotta get my thoughts together first.

I’ve been pretty stinkin’ slack for the last couple of weeks. No writing, no weightwatching, no real progress of any kind. I’ve been completely focused on getting through Mama’s birthday with minimal damage. The birthdays, deathdays, anniversaries… those are the MOST fun, aren’t they?  And Mother’s Day is right around the corner. Yay.

But on the upside? I have new draperies. Yup, 2+ years after moving into our house, I finally dressed my living, dining, & kitchen windows. The impetus was my grandparents’ visit. They don’t give a flying flip about my windows, but it was a good excuse to click the “BUY” button on something that’s been in my online shopping cart for months. And I gotta say, my window dressings make me happy every time I walk into those rooms. Here’s a pic of the family chowing down in the dining room w/ my new draperies in the background… I love Maggie’s little laughing face peeking around at the end of the table. Such a funny lil’ nugget.

Bobby & I have also been working our behonks off in the yard… yes, this was also prompted by the grandparent visit. Their immaculate yard is freakin’ huge, & they’re in their 70’s — to let them see our little unkept postage stamp of a yard would be just embarrassing. So two truck-loads of mulch (thanks, Tim!) & a few days later, things are looking much better. Got my little garden & flowers planted. Cut the grass & raked leaves. Bobby found this fabulous invention for hauling yard debris that puts a wheelbarrow to shame… it’s a drawstring tarp. You just load it up & pull. Genius, I tell you.

And we cleaned out some stuff that needed to be replaced/removed. A doghouse that no dog has ever occupied, the grill that barely worked, some random corkboard from a past garage reorg project, the crippled vacuum cleaner, & an outdoor television… hauled it all out to the curb. Thanks to our neighborhood scavengers, every bit was gone within a couple of hours.

Oh, & just for fun, we also put some beer out on the curb. It was skunky with a greenish tint, expired by about a year. Sure enough, a man comes by & says “Hey, what’s wrong with this beer?”  I should have told the whole truth, but I didn’t. Instead, I said “We just don’t like that kind.” You know, the green, skunky kind. He asked if he could have a bag to haul it off, & I got him one…  nice, neighborly Sarah, that’s me. What can I say, I’m just a good person. Heh.