I don’t ask my bloggy friends out there to take action very often, but today I am. Please take a sec to click on the link below & fill out the form. It’s a letter telling Susan G. Komen that their decision to partner with KFC is irresponsible & dangerous. (And fyi: be prepared for a bullshit form response from the “Director of Global Corporate Relations” at Komen defending their position.)

Click here to tell Komen that it’s NOT ok.

Every bucket makes a difference? Only to KFC’s bottom line.

I know I don’t have to tell ya’ll how I feel about “pinkwashing.” In case you’ve missed my previous rants, here’s a little vocab lesson:

Pinkwasher: (pink’-wah-sher) noun. A company that purports to care about breast cancer by promoting a pink ribboned product, but manufactures products that are linked to the disease.

Want an example of pinkwashing? How about a giant pink bucket of fried chicken? Now as a true Southern gal, I love me some fried chicken. Hell, I was RAISED on the stuff.


Komen has a responsibility. This organization raises millions of dollars every year with it’s pink ribbon splashed over every aisle in the supermarket. They (should) know better than most people that unhealthy diet (um, fried foods, anyone?) is a main contributor to high-risk cancer populations. And yet they justify this partnership with talk of how much money will be given to “the cure.” My issue is this: money isn’t JUST money in this case – they have to consider the source of the funds. Maybe they should start putting the pink ribbon on packs of cigarettes too… now THERE’S a fundraising idea. I should email them & suggest it.