• Kickoff on Jan 25th. Realized that I am a whopping 52 lbs over my wedding weight. Owwee, that smarts.
  • Week 1 – feeling all motivated & shit. Lost 6.4 lbs.
  • Week 2 – Badbadverybad week. Lots of emotional face-stuffing. Gained 1.2 lbs.
  • Week 3 – tried to make good decisions without being psycho. Lost 3.0 lbs.
  • Week 4 – Week o’ Funk, complete with much crying, gnashing of teeth, & bad food decisions. Skipped my mtg. No weigh-in.
  • Week 5 – Trip to Charleston instead of WW mtg. No weigh-in again. Followed by Bobby’s birthday fiesta & lots of alcohol. Yeehaw.
  • Week 6 – Forced myself to attend my WW mtg after 2 weeks of gluttony. Gained 1.2 lbs.
  • Week 7 – Back in the saddle again. Lost 3.8 lbs, for a grand total of 10.8 lbs… YIPPEE!!
  • Week 8 – Weighed in but didn’t stay for the meeting due to snotty-nosed nastiness… told the girl behind the counter that they would need to disinfect my chair afterward if I stayed. She smiled & reached for her hand sanitizer. Lost 3.6 lbs, for a total of 14.4! Almost 15 lbs. Woohoo!
  • Week 9Sue drama. Skipped my meeting & had pizza & beer instead. Now that’s skipping with style, no?
  • Week 10 – Lost 1.0 lb. Didn’t allow myself to be too disappointed that it wasn’t more, considering my weigh-in was the day after Easter.
  • Week 11 – Gained 0.4 lb. SO FRIKKIN’ ANNOYED. Vow to do better next week, then immediately go to Zaxby’s. Model WeightWatcher, I am not.

So yeah, I gained this week. Blarg. This is how it went:

Skinny Smiling WW Girl: Ok, Sarah, you have a gain of 0.4. [Dons appropriately sad expression]
Me: Well crap. Hey, do you think I could go pee?
Skinny  Smiling WW Girl laughs. And prints out my sticker for this week with the stupid-ass 0.4 gain on it.
Me: Um, I actually wasn’t kidding.
Skinny Smiling WW Girl laughs again. She wants me to hate her, I think. Grrrrrrr.
Skinny Smiling WW Girl: So Sarah, are you staying for the meeting? [Smiles brilliantly]
Me: Nope. [Frowns grumpily]
Skinny Smiling WW Girl: Well, ok then. Here are your handouts for today, and here’s a free sample of a new pretzel flavor we have. [Smiles brilliantly]
Me: Thanks. Just what I needed… more food.

I really have plans to do better this week. No, really. I mean it.