So my zoloft prescription ran out a couple of days ago. This is not a good thing. Like, NOT A GOOD THING. Don’t know if anybody else out there is on the anti-depressant train? If you ever run out & quit cold turkey, there’s a mother of a headache waiting on you. Just sayin’.

I feel a little bit crazy. Bobby doesn’t like me. He says that I’m mean. And I am. I can feel myself being mean as hell & I just don’t care. He asked me to print out some stuff for our taxes (which, btw, still aren’t filed) & I heaved a long-suffering sigh & gave him an evil glare like he had asked me to amputate my fingers. I KNEW while I was doing it that I was being hateful & I just didn’t care. He told me that being married to me right now was no fun, & got in his car & drove away for a while. And I laughed.

My head is pounding & I’m guzzling coffee & popping excedrin like candy. And I’m testy & bitchy & just completely unmedicated.

This past week, because he’s a nice, nice boy married to the devil, he bought me the first season of “True Blood” just because he knew it would make me happy. And it did. I immediately sat my ass on the sofa, popped open a beer & proceeded to watch like 5 hrs of vampires biting & screwing people. And in the midst of all this beer-swigging & biting & screwing, there was a knock at the door. I turned around & saw two well-groomed boys standing on my front porch, holding books & wearing the telltale black pants, white short-sleeved dress shirts, & skinny ties. They smiled & waved through the glass door. And you know what I did? Instead of getting up & going to the door & being nice? I left them standing there, turned back to my vampires, yelled (definitely within their earshot) “Bobby, the Mormons are here,” & took another guzzle of my beer.

Now that’s just rude. My mama raised me better than that. And I knew I was being rude, & I got the giggles, & began laughing manically at my own rudeness. While drinking beer. And watching vampires. Bobby glared at me as he passed, stepped out on the porch with the little Mormon boys, & closed the door behind him, leaving me sitting there with my beer & my vampires.

Feeling a little “off” these days. Yep.