Yep, I suck. I’ve continued to be thankful & such this week, but just didn’t write my daily posts. That little endeavor didn’t last very long, did it? I feel guilty. It’s like my WeightWatchers… once I cheat that first time, it’s so flippin’ easy to just cheat again & again.

My week has been in. sane. Like stupid-ridiculous. Working all the freakin’ time, the whole choir thing is blowing up with Easter looming this weekend, & working my ass off in our pathetic excuse for a yard when I’m not at work or choir practice. I don’t like being this busy. I know that some people thrive off busyness… the busier they are, the better they like it. I, however, am not one of those people. I get tired & grumpy & annoyed. I ENJOY sitting & watching tv & hanging out with Bobby. It recharges my batteries. Call me lazy… that’s cool. Whatever. So I’ve been keeping my head down & just getting it done — marching through each day like I’m storming an enemy battlefield, & planning my massive amounts of doing absolutely NOTHING once the Easter service is over on Sunday.

So that’s what’s been happening in a nutshell.

The good things? The weather has been just perfect this week. Warm, but not blazing-South-Carolina-hotter-than-hell yet. It’s… well, perfect. And we got the front yard under control, I think. Raked leaves, cut grass, weeded flower beds, trimmed shrubs, & limed/fertilized/seeded just in time for a rain shower. The back yard is still sitting back there untouched, but it’s a sense of accomplishment to look out the front door & see a pretty little postage stamp of a well-kept lawn.

And there’s been some massive Sue crap this week. So I’m feeling all happy & settled that she’s happy & settled in the Rainforest, right? Negative, ghostrider. I was at work Monday morning, & the little secretary comes hurrying in & tells me to call my sister IMMEDIATELY. Yay, family emergencies, my favorite. I called Sue & she was sobbing. Like gasping for air, couldn’t understand a word, sobbing her face off. Finally deciphered that she lost the Rainforest — that someone else swooped in, & signed the lease out from under her. And here I was thinking that the stinkin’ thing was already locked up. Apparently not.

So she’s sobbing & asking the gods “why nothing ever FUCKING works out” for her, I’m trying to talk her off the ledge, the ministerial staff at work has been alerted by the secretary that yet another traumatic event is happening with Sarah’s family, & so they’re huddled in the doorway with expressions of concern, worried that maybe another one of my family members has died. Good times, ya’ll. Finally put Sue on hold long enough to assure them that nobody had kicked the bucket, & this was a relatively minor crisis in the big scheme of things. Which sent Sue off into another gale of hysterics because HELLO, this is the BIGGEST CRISIS EVER. Ack.

Monday night, when I finally got home, I skipped my WeightWatchers mtg & got a pizza instead. Cuz that just seemed like the thing to do. Nice, huh. Told Sue to go to the library & study for her giant test (another reason that she was freaking out), & I would find her an apt. So she stomps off to the campus library & I sit with my laptop & a Bud Lite. Not a really Budweiser girl, but it was the only thing in the beer fridge, & Sarah needed a beer.

Tuesday, she emails/calls all the places that I found. I know I’ve said this before, but let me reiterate. Finding the right balance of location & price in downtown Charleston is a bitch. There were very few… most were either too expensive or too far away from campus.  There was one, however — good (safe) address, although a little farther away. A little more expensive, but still doable. Three bedrooms instead of two, which would require finding two more roomies instead of just one. She got an appt to tour it Tuesday afternoon.

In order to avoid a repeat of the Rainforest, I told her that if she felt comfortable with it, to sign the lease IMMEDIATELY. Do not pass go, do not go home to think about it. Probably not the most responsible way to advise your sisterchild, but seriously?… this apartment issue needed to be resolved yesterday. So she called & said that she wanted it. And I went to the UPS Store after work & overnighted the deposit/first month’s rent*/guarantor form saying that they’ll come hunting me down if Sue defaults on her rent. I signed on a dotted line that said “Parent’s Signature.”  Have I mentioned lately that my father sucks ass?

*I’ve been the guardian of Sue’s tax return, so it was her money… didn’t want inquiring minds to wonder if  (accuse) Bobby & I of funding this.

So ok then. Sue really DOES have an apartment now — the lease starts August 1st. She’s working on finding two roomies, who will reimburse her/me for two-third’s of the deposit. And guess what? As “charming” as the leaky living room in the Rainforest was, this place is freakin’ gorgeous. And the best part?… wait for it…. IT COMES FURNISHED. Jackpot.

Check it out… was built in 1850’s. The molding detail around the windows/doors & the wide hardwoods are my favorite, of course, because I’m an old house junkie. And the little porch is super-stinkin’-cute as well. There’s a little black iron spiral staircase that goes down to the parking lot from the porch… hope Sue doesn’t attempt to navigate it when inebriated.