1. This picture. Was taken & sent to me by Kim, a former roommate (yep, one of the 17). I truly love it — isn’t it beautiful? I want to sit on this bench, but since it isn’t available, I put this picture in the place where I’ll see it most often… it’s now the desktop background on my laptop.
  2. My DVR. I currently have a whole slew of entertaining brainrot just waiting to be watched…  Project Runway, Survivor, America’s Next Top Model, Undercover Boss, FlashForward, & 3 episodes of Law & Order: SVU.
  3. Dos Equis with lime. I plan to drink one with dinner tonight. Maybe even two. Can. not. wait.
  4. Bri, Melba, & Holly‘s babies (past, present & upcoming) first birthdays. Can’t believe that their sweet babies have already been here a year. Seriously seems like only a couple of months ago that they were still waiting. And waiting. And waiting for their miracle babies.
  5. Sue’s dilemma: RESOLVED!! Her facebook marketing strategy actually worked, & she has a new roomie as of today. They’re signing the lease this weekend. Yay for them. Yay for me & Bobby. Yay for locking up “The Rainforest” (as it’s been dubbed). Whew, I’m pretty freakin’ relieved.