Sue has pretty much decided not to come home this summer, and I gotta admit… I’m a little bummed. I completely support her working (um, of course), but I kinda like having her here. She watches the stupid, indy netflix movies with me that Bobby hates. & it’s nice having her in the house… like a little hobo rustling around in the back bedroom. And she’s always good for entertainment — I can live vicariously through her as she breezes in & out of here in her crazy outfits with her crazy stories. No, really, she provides more than a few laughs for me & Bobby…

But she’s getting along fabulously with her new boss, & thinks that she’ll be full-time during the summer since she’s not doing classes. This is good from the money standpoint, obviously. I mentioned it briefly in this post, but there’s been a big ol’ drama playing out with her finding an apt in Charleston. There are MANY qualifications for this apt:

  • it must be within walking/biking distance of her classes & job. Which means downtown in the historic district. Still, there’s tons of apts to choose from, right? Until you read the next bullet…
  • it must be affordable. And since it’s in the historic district, this whittles the list down. A LOT.
  • it must have parking. Because Sue lives several hours away, she has a car, & that car must have a parking space. Finding reserved parking in a city isn’t easy. The list just shrunk again.
  • it must be safe. Granted, Charleston has cleaned up it’s act quite a bit since Hurricane Hugo in ’92, but there are still sketchy streets that you just don’t want your little sister walking down at night. This eliminates a few more options…
  • & it must be shared… because for the above bullets to be met, she’s gonna need a roommate to split the cost.

She’s been craig’s listing like crazy, trying to find the perfect one. She thought she had the roommate thing worked out, but it turned out that their budgets are VERY different. Like what Sue considers to be affordable, her potential roomie considers to be a dump. And what potential roomie considers to be affordable, Sue would have to get a second job. So the search continues.

Good lord, I don’t miss the roommate days. I think that the few roomies who occasionally read this blog (here’s a shout-out to Whitney, Kim, Shelly, Rhonda, Carrie, & Dave :)) would agree that I’m not the most fun to live with. I can be nice. But I can also be moody & crabby & territorial. Like the time that Dave came out of the bathroom with MY towel wrapped around HIS waist. AAAAHHHHH. He still laughs about that… I still shudder. By the time I made it through all 4.5 yrs of undergrad & 2.5 yrs of graduate school, my roommate grand total was 17. SEVENTEEN roommates. I was so, so done.

There have been lots of tearful phone calls from Sue this week — I think she’s feeling really overwhelmed by money & school & work & where she’s going & how she’s going to get there. And as always when we’re feeling emotionally fragile, Mama’s absence really stings. I told Bobby when I got off the phone after one of those conversation that I so wish that I could just say “Ok, little Sue-Sue, you just pick out what you want, & Bobby & I will make it happen.”  I HATE it when she cries. Like really, really HATE it. It hurts my heart. I just want to fix it, & make it better.

So I’m wishing & hoping & thinking & praying that this will work out. I want her to be happy. I want her to feel safe & secure & content & motivated & supported & loved & peaceful & normal. That’s all I want.