1. Sue found an apt! YAY! And it’s super-stinkin’ cute… built in the 1830’s, with lots of Charleston “character” (aka: it has a slight leakage problem in a corner of the living room, & the kitchen appliances are circa-Civil War). She’s already decided to put tropical plants in the “moist” corner of the living room with maybe a little zen water fountain & call it the “rain forest.” Now she needs a roomie, & in typical Sue-fashion, she’s created a facebook event to market herself.  The event title is “SUSANNA IS AWESOME. BE HER ROOMIE.” Ah, Susanna. Here’s a pic she took today of the apt… her’s will be the bottom floor.
  2. Deliciously yummy dinner tonight at the Melting Pot. Haven’t been there in quite a while, & it was just as good as I remembered. It’s always nice when something is just as good as you remember it being…
  3. Afore-mentioned dinner was pleasant & drama-free. Bobby & I took his mom & her new fiancé out for her birthday dinner, & I think everyone had a really, really nice time.
  4. My reflection in the bathroom at the restaurant tonight. Of course, it could have been the 1.5 passionfruit mai-tai’s that I’d consumed, but I do believe that I may have looked just a smidge skinnier. And then I stuffed myself with chocolate fondue :)
  5. Dinner tomorrow night with Marlena, Tim & Emma Claire. Friday night Mexican with our favorite peeps… yippee!