1. Phone conversation I had with Sue just a little while ago. There’s been a big moving off-campus/getting her own apt debate this week, and I’ve been feeling a bit freaked out at the rent amounts that were being tossed around. Don’t know if you’ve ever visited the historic district of Charleston, SC, but the real estate ain’t cheap. I’ve been scared for her — that she’s setting herself for a mighty financial failure. And scared for me — that Bobby & I will have to bail her out of her mighty financial failure. She told me this evening, though, that she had broken the news to her potential roomie (NOT an easy conversation) & is now looking for something less expensive. Sheesh. What a stinkin’ relief. Ok, knots in my shoulders, you can loosen up now.
  2. WeightWatcher-approved key lime pie. It’s in the freezer now, chillin’ & waitin’ on me to gobble it up. Only 3 points per (big) slice! Yeah, now that’s what I’m talking about.

Annnnd I totally fell asleep after #2. Whoops.