1. Daffodils. They’re so simple with their cheery shades of yellow… like little yellow trumpeters announcing that “Spring is HERE, Spring is HERE!” They were my Mama’s favorite flower. I remember riding in one of those seats on the back of her bicycle to a particular wooded patch on a back road near our house, & we would get out & pick as many daffodils as we could carry. I remember the moisture that came from their stems when I squeezed them too tightly. 
  2. The two-yr-old reaction to today’s craft project. We read “The Very Hungry Caterpillar” & then glued caterpillars made of pom-poms onto green construction paper leaves. They were completely enthralled with the story, & so intent on getting their little caterpillar bodies glued in just the place. Later, on the playground, one little boy ran up to me, held up a large magnolia leaf & screamed excitedly “Ms Sawah, it just like the leaf with the catuhpillah on it!”
  3. Waking up this morning. I had a horrid dream about a rat biting my armpit… like it was just hanging on by its big yellow teeth, & I thrashed about but couldn’t shake it off. Woke with a start, & was so freakin’ relieved to find that my armpits were rat-free.
  4. An enjoyable evening of baby-sitting the Maggie & Sadie-Lady. Sadie now has these daily freakout occurrences where she screams uncontrollably until her entire head turns purple & looks like it’s going to pop off. It brings me to my knees… I feel helpless & a little bit crazy when she starts screeching. However, tonight was smooth sailing. She was a smiley-bug, happy as a clam. Just cooed & stared at the ceiling fan, & flailed her arms & legs tirelessly. And Maggie & I watched “Cinderella” & ate ice cream. Good times, ya’ll.
  5. Bobby’s happy dance. He jiggles his ass & points his fingers & giggles. It, without fail, makes me happy too. :)