Ok, I have stupid congested, snotty, coughing disgustingness for the 2,367th time. I feel like purebred shi-ca-ca. I am achy, whiny, & generally miserable. Yet it’s only Day 3 & I must persevere with my damned gratitude.

Oops. Sorry. That wasn’t very grateful-sounding, was it? I am, I promise. Just gotta find it underneath this thick layer of green snot & used kleenex.

  1. My theoretical immune system after another few months of working with giant germs… I mean, small children. Surely it’s gonna be stronger, right? It HAS to be. My immune system will be indestructible. When the world ends (which is in the near future, according to my facebook news feed), only cockroaches & my immune system will be left standing. yeah.
  2. The hugs of said small children. Regardless of how crapalicious I feel, their little arms giving me squeezes is just plain sweet.
  3. (& while I’m on the subject of small children,) the comment of a parent today. She asked me when her daughter would be able to take home her watercolor butterfly that we made last week. She explained that she was planning to have it framed for her daughter’s room. Yay for having a frame-worthy craft! Made me feel all proud & such.
  4. My pink fuzzy socks. When I say fuzzy, I mean fuh-uh-zee. Like these suckers shed when I walk. My feet are so warm & so cozy.
  5. The bed that I soon will be crawling into. The sheets are so soft, the comforter’s so fluffy. And I don’t have to set my alarm because I don’t have to work in the morning. Score.