1. My grandmother. We celebrated her 85th birthday today… what an incredibly classy & elegant lady. She’s a retired English teacher & the family historian — the word “matriarch” fits perfectly. I tried to snap a picture of her without her knowledge, but you can’t really slip anything by her. Love her expression here. It’s so, well, her.
  2. Visiting with sister Jennifer on the ride to & from the birthday celebration. 380 miles of silly babies & sister chatter… we planned another family event (NOT at my house this time!), discussed passing bumper stickers (most confusing: “What Would Jesus Bomb?” I don’t get it), waded through a flooded McDonald’s bathroom, got lost, & still managed to arrive on time.  All in all, a success.
  3. The urine-free kitchen. Our dogs are opposed to rain, and sometimes “forget” to go outside. It poured all day today, & I steeled myself before entering the kitchen, only to find… NOTHING. They chose to brave the rain instead of defiling my clean floor. Nice doggies.
  4. Susanna’s contribution to today’s family event. Well, EVERY family event. Picture this. 20 or so conservative, polite, very southern people sitting around a table.  & the door opens. Sue blazes into the family dinner 20 minutes late, wearing a wildly colored dress up to her hooha, purple tights & suede boots, her hair big & curly, with bejeweled gold elephant earrings. Oh, Susanna. Life would be so boring without you.
  5. Maggie’s “broken” tights (that’s her word). This is what happens when you put tights on a 2yo Maggie BEFORE the 3-hr car trip. And then her feigned embarrassment when she realized Aunt Sassy was capturing her shenanigans on camera.