1. Our Keurig coffee maker. Love, love, love it. Every single day. Had training for work today, and had to leave the house by 7:45am. My coffee maker made it better, it did.
  2. The late-night text from Sue that was waiting on me this morning. Have I told ya’ll that she changes her religious affiliation every semester? Her first semester at College of Charleston was Baha’i. Second was Lutheran. Now she’s pseudo-Jewish. Her texts give a little succinct peek into her happenings… this morning’s made me laugh:
  3. I’m at a party & the pong table has a star of david on it. oh  my.

  4. The one little sprig of white flowers directly outside my kitchen window. I had forgotten that that particular tree even bloomed… it was a truly lovely little surprise.
  5. The canadian bacon & egg breakfast pocket that steamed hot in my cold car this morning. It was 5 weightwatcher points, & I enjoyed every crumb.
  6. My mother’s anniversary band. I wear it with my own wedding band & think of her every time I notice it, even for the briefest fraction of a second. The lady loved her sparkle. There’s a tiny chip in the middle stone.  She wanted to have it replaced… but I love it just the way it is.