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Several weeks ago:
Jennifer squeezed Maggie & said “Maggie, your mama loves you. And your daddy loves you. And Aunt Sassy loves you. And…”  Maggie interrupted “And Grandmama loves me.”  Jennifer paused for a second, and answered “Yep, Grandmama loves you too.” Maggie went on “Grandmama kisses me at night. She sleep with me in my big-girl bed.”

Tom & Maggie were doing Maggie’s bedtime routine, and Maggie unexpectedly opened her drawer & pulled out a new shirt. She turned around and carefully laid it out on the end of her bed. Tom, confused, said “Why are you getting that out, Mag?… let’s put it back,” and started to pick the shirt up. Maggie pulled it out of his grasp, and once again laid it neatly across the end of her bed. She said “Daddy, I get it out to show Grandmama when she come.”

Mama’s still here. I don’t feel her anymore, but that doesn’t mean she’s not here. She visits her grandbabies, and they know that their Grandmama loves them. I’m thankful that Maggie’s two-yr-old verbal skills are allowing her to tell us. Even while I feel my heart hurting, I’m comforted.