Just got home from my Week 3 weigh-in… lost 3 lbs! Woohoo!

So summary:

  • Kickoff on Jan 25th. Realized that I am a whopping 52 lbs over my wedding weight. Owwee, that smarts.
  • Week 1 – feeling all motivated & shit. Lost 6.4 lbs.
  • Week 2Badbadverybad week. Lots of emotional face-stuffing. Gained 1.2 lbs.
  • Week 3 – tried to make good decisions without being psycho. Lost 3.0 lbs.

I’m trying to figure out a balance — how to be healthy(er) without being a food nazi. And interestingly enough, that was the topic at my meeting tonight. “Flexible restraint” is how the leader put it… making smart choices without missing out on the fun, or feeling deprived.

The “food nazi” approach is quite effective — after all, that’s how I did WW the first time around and it worked like a charm. But it sucked. I was hungry (& consequently, grumpy) most of the time. And that’s not realistic long-term for me.

My goal is to lose an average of 2 lbs per week for 26 weeks, or 6 months. If I manage to do this, I’ll be back to my wedding weight by July 26th.

That would be really nice, ya’ll. I could get back on the baby-making train without weight-related reservations. I could fit into the clothes that are still hanging in my closet, mocking me. I could take my expensive jeans back from Sue (sorry, Sue). I could stop stepping out of the shot every time someone pulls out a camera. I could stop continuously pulling at my clothes, trying to hide the fat rolls & scary muffin top. I could meet new people without wanting to whisper a disclaimer… “psssst, hey you. Yeah, you. I haven’t always looked like this.”

Yep, that would be nice.