Our pipes got clogged again this week… nothing like massive amounts of shit-water bubbling like a cauldron up into your shower & tubs. Bobby called the Roto.Rooter Man, and he made it all better. For now at least — bottom line, we have 90-yr-old pipes and they need to be replaced. So not happening right now. Looks like we’re going to have a standing appt with the Rooter Man every year.

Oh, and the best part? The Rooter Man & Bobby are standing there watching our toilet flush with their arms crossed like a coupla pals & Rooter Man says, “Man, you know why this is really happening, right?” And Bobby says, “Huh?” And Rooter Man points at a box of my tampons on the back of the toilet and says “Right there. They say them things are flushable but they ain’t.”

Lovely. I told Bobby they should have had a beer, scratched their bellies, and farted together while they were at it.