I wonder… does anyone else in the blogging world have tons of drafts? I do. I’m talking probably close to 100. Some are just a paragraph or two, some are full-blown epistles. A couple are just titles, to remind me of a topic that I want to explore a little further. It’s odd, because after some time has gone by, I don’t remember why I didn’t just publish them along with everything else. They bother me, those drafts. They feel a bit like unfinished business.

I promise I don’t spend a lot of time thinking about this… I’m just a wee, teensy bit anal.

I wish I cared as much about the “unfinished business” of my dog-hair-covered floors that are crying out for a vacuum cleaner.

And now I will hit the “Publish” button instead of “Save Draft.”  Aaaaahhhh, that feels much better :)