I got my new sewing machine out for the first time this weekend, and after spending some time with the instruction manual, had it up and going. Love it. Lovelovelove it. I’m so glad I didn’t talk my way into a more expensive model with more bells & whistles… this little guy (a Janome DC2010) has more than enough for an amateur such as myself.

Long, long ago — in July, actually — I started a birdie quilt. My first quilting attempt ever. I got so stinkin’ close to finishing, and then my “vintage” sewing machine bid me adieu and kicked the bucket. So the birdies were up first this weekend. Finished quilting it, and hand-sewing the binding around the edges is the final step. I’m not what one would call a seamstress, so I’m taking it with me to my grandparents this weekend to get some assistance.

Then worked on Sadie’s quilt a bit. This is a total cheater quilt — I bought the top ready-made, and I’m just putting it together.  I was trying to get it done in time for her baby shower (yeah, the one back in October) which is why I decided to go the cheater route, and then she had the audacity to come two days later (5 weeks early!). The nerve of that little squirt :)

I decided to hand-tie hers because I thought it would go with the “shabby chic” look of the flannel patchwork. Can you see the little sprigs in the corner of every block? I’ve tied each of those not once, but TWICE. Did the wrong kind of knot the first time (who knew that there were right knots and wrong knots? Not me.) and had to undo and redo them all. This one’s going to the Grandma’s house with me too for assistance with the binding.

Then we have this other little quilt that I started a few months ago, and now need to finish. The blocks are done, now I just need to put it together. It’s a combo of new fabric & vintage linens from Good.will & the Habitat for Humanity store. Kinda random, but I think it’ll be cute once it’s finished:

And finally we have the beast… I mean, best… of them all. A twin-size quilt for Maggie’s big-girl bed! It has tons of “minkee dots” — you know that supersoft fleecy fabric that’s in so many baby blankets these days? The stuff is really soft, but holy crap, it looks like a few dozen baby birds have been murdered in my house. There’s a layer of soft fuzz on every single surface in the living/dining/office.

Still have a long way to go on this one: