I subbed this morning in the Nursery II class (9m to 15m-old babies who’ve just started crawling/walking), and dropped a baby on the floor. Like, bam, head on the floor. She catapulted herself out of the high chair like a cannon just as I was going to pick her up, and I caught her lower half. Unfortunately, however, the top half wasn’t so lucky. Her head popped the floor and she started screaming, and I felt HORRIBLE. I mean, completely wretchedly terrible. I seriously could have wept. A red knot raised immediately, and I put a cold compress on it and played with her while examining her pupils to make sure she didn’t have a concussion. Had to write up an “Ouch Report” for her parents.  Nothing like explaining to someone exactly how you managed to injure their child.

I’m a baby-dropper. I feel quite like I suck right about now. Bleh.