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Two weeks ago, my father & Susanna signed a buyout contract. Basically, if he pays for the Spring-10 college semester, she will no longer ask or expect him to contribute in any way to her life going forward. He requested the negotiations in writing (because you know how these tricky daughters can be — gotta get it in writing so she can’t cheat him outta something), talked the total amount down a bit more, and signed the dotted line. He bought out his youngest child. I’m absolutely certain that Mama shed tears, watching her baby girl sign a buyout contract with her father that basically terminates their relationship so that she can continue going to college.

It’s so damn frustrating. According to the state of South Carolina, Sue’s still a minor and has to have her parent’s signature to get financial aid. The powers-that-be refuse to consider the possibility that her living parent would absolutely REFUSE to sign. We are orphans in every way except literally.

And he wonders why, during the last few days, Mama pulled me close and said, “I need you to take care of my baby.”

Before he signed it, he told her that she was “turning out just like Sarah” and that “moving into that house with Sarah & Bobby was the worst mistake she ever made.” Because she had so many other options? Yeah, I can totally see how I’ve been a horrible influence on Susanna, as I house her & feed her & cosign her student loans & try to provide emotional support for her in the way that her mother would have.

These negotiations took place in my & Bobby’s house. In the adjoining room, listening to him argue with Sue over a mere $60, I could feel cold, hard rage washing over me. I literally could have killed him. Like, literally. He is a mockery of what a daddy should be.

We hates the daddy hobbit.*

* Lord of the Rings reference. Always made Mama laugh. Sorry, couldn’t resist.

Update: Since this post was written, he’s also told Jennifer that she can only come to Townville (our childhood home) one day a week. He’s seriously phasing us out, one by one. You know, if he ever gets all feeble and decrepit, I’m so gonna plant his ass in a cockroach-infested nursing home that smells of piss & death. It’s gonna suck to be him.  Muahaha.