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Sue’s taking a feminism class this semester, and for their first assignment, they’ve been asked to write an essay on what gender means to them — when they realized the difference between males & females, what role it has played in education, relationships, jobs, etc, and how they feel their gender has affected their lives.

Oh professor lady, you just opened up a can of squimy little worms.

Sue just called & read me the rough draft. It’s a hard one to write simply because there’s SO much to say on the topic and the paper’s suggested length is only two pages. Where do we start? With my father joining TheChurch? Or with the historical aspect of my parents’ relationship? Or when Susanna herself started becoming aware that she was different BECAUSE she was a girl raised in the TheChurch? Or when our mother, who was Sue’s central female figure & who wasn’t very good at following her “head” (aka my father), was diagnosed with breast cancer & the general consenus was that she had strayed from the path of the righteous? Or should she start at the present & work backwards? Oh yes, the possibilities are endless.

I’m looking forward to reading the final product, and hearing the professor’s response. You asked for it, professor lady.