I need to write if for no other reason than a simple chronicling of events. Unfortunately, I don’t have much time, so an outline for now will have to do.


  • Drama with Bobby’s family.
  • Absolute lack of drama with my family. Weird.

My birthday:

  • I turned 32. Yay.

The birth of a new year:

  • Resolutions & such.

My job:

  • I started full-time.
  • I hated it.
  • I quit. (Just the part I hated… not the whole thing.)

Bobby’s job:

  • Say hello to another start-up. And you know what? I think this one is really going to work. No, really, I do. Stop laughing, I’m serious.

Susanna’s job:

  • Oh wait, she doesn’t have one.
  • Her spring semester tuition is due, accompanied by the usual financial drama (she left it until the last minute, Daddy’s being an asshole, her world’s falling apart, lots of crying & dripping snot ensues).
  • She’s meeting with our father right this minute to discuss her plan for “Financial Independence.” She marched out of the house an hour ago carrying a typed-up meeting agenda and a stack of spreadsheets. If you find it odd that a father-daughter lunch would involve an agenda & spreadsheets, you would be correct. Verdict’s still out on how that’s going.