I am requesting that my mailing address and all other information  be removed from your mailing list. My mailing address is ——-. I vehemently disagree with the monetizing of a killing disease, and I feel that the Komen organization has played a primary role is the “pink-washing” of our retail markets. This month marks the 26th month since my mother died of metastatic breast cancer, and I don’t need to give money to your marketing and fundraising efforts in order to remember her. I remember her minute of every day without the help of your mailings that state “Because every holiday is precious…” Trust me, I’m fully aware that every holiday is precious, and that my mother will not be here for any of them for the rest of my life.
Thank you for immediately removing me from your database.

P.S. Fuck Komen and your little cutesy pink ribbon holiday labels.

[And no, I didn’t add the PS to my email to Komen… I saved that just for my blog. You’re welcome. I hate those pink fuckers. Especially this time of year.]