Good things:

  • Bobby sold a portion of his equipment, which covers our expenses until January 5th. WOOT!
  • I’m officially starting as an almost-full-time (as in 33.5 hrs per week) employee at the little daycare in 2 wks. WOOT!
  • We keep our house like a meat locker during the winter… our choice, not because of money. Just got a refund from the natural gas company due to them overcharging us with levelized billing — $400 arrived today like a little Christmas present. WOOT!
  • Bobby’s mom wrote us an unsolicited check for 5 months of mortgage payments… she insisted that we cash in and put it in savings for emergencies. We’re not using it and are planning to refund her after Bobby gets a job, but it’s really freakin’ nice to have a safety net. WOOT!

And it’s not money, but still makes me super-excited… if Boston College loses today or if Clemson wins today, Clemson has a shot of being the ACC Champion for the first time since 1991. WOOT!