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Have to say that I am loving the comments that you folks are leaving… thanks for sharing and letting me know that we’re not the only one in the “oh shit, sell everything, make minimum pymts on your baby for 100 years” boat.

I think that Bobby may have a buyer for some of his video equipment — if it works out, we’ll have Dec covered financially. Which means we won’t be going negative until Jan 5th, when our Jan mortgage pymt drafts. Of course, that’s assuming that we do absolutely NO. THING. for Christmas as far as gifts are concerned. Which sucks. It’s not a big deal with the adults because we kinda quit doing Christmas when Mama left… but for Maggie & Sadie, I really want/NEED to do gifts.

Ugh. This blows.

Oh wait. I’m not worrying about this. I almost forgot.

The ladies at my little job promised to put me at the top of subbing list, and have scheduled me for 4 mornings in the next two weeks. And there’s a little potential morning position opening up in Dec that may work out, which combined with my afternoons in the two-year-old room, would make the job almost full-time. Fingers crossed.

I just noticed how many “if’s” and “maybe’s” there are in the preceding paragraphs. Blarg.