Hosted a baby brunch yesterday for Sadie, who’s arriving in only 12 days… Jennifer’s blood pressure is elevated, so they’re inducing 3 weeks early. So hard to believe that there’s going to be a new little girl here in just a few days…

My co-hostesses were both sickly… cousin Merrill was banned from coming by her doctor (which just plain sucked), and then Sue started running a fever Saturday morning & was quarantined in her room during the festivities. Apparently pregnant women & high fevers don’t geehaw.

But the brunch went really well, I think — we had quiche (spinach/feta and bacon/ham), bagels with assorted cream cheeses, apple coffee cake (made from scratch by Susie-Q Homemaker :)), cupcakes, fruit, and mimosas. Much to my surprise & amusement, the alcoholic mimosas with champagne were gone long before the non-alcoholic with ginger ale. You go, you cute little Southern lady imbibers!

oct16 062The living room  decorations. You may remember the pram purchase during Pregnancy #2… well, it went to live in the attic for a while, but reemerged this week as the perfect location for baby gifts.

oct16 063oct16 065

Dining room window. I’ve been dying to do the baby clothesline idea since I saw this post (which is pretty much the prettiest baby shower I’ve ever seen).

oct16 088oct16 089 copy

The food. You can probably tell that I’m a big fan of Martha Stewart’s pom-poms, yes? :) They’re just so fluffy, and you can do them in whatever color of tissue paper you have. And Princess Maggie, wearing one of the three princess dresses she got for her birthday… cracks me up!

oct24 003And finally, the invitations (which technically should have been first, I guess)… I’m a freak, so I handmade the invites & the envelopes. Found this great book full of creative ideas & even templates — fun stuff. You can’t really see it in the picture, but there’s a tiny silver baby-feet charm on the ribbon. I loved the pink felt stickers used to seal the envelopes — the sticker packs included birdies (pictured here) , bunnies, & flowers. So stinkin’ cute.