I love trees. Like really, really love them. I think it’s because I grew up in a house with no trees in the yard, and my mother would lookapr12 109 longingly at the huge, spreading arms of our neighbor’s magnolia trees and sigh. We now live on a street with older houses (circa 1920’s) and the trees are gargantuan. It’s one of my favorite things about our part of town.

Which brings us to the current situation. Two days ago, I came home & noticed that there was a yellow plastic ribbon tied around my favorite front yard tree… the kind that a surveyor would leave. I didn’t think much about it — that is, until I read the flyer in our mailbox. Apparently, our tree has been selected for removal. Yes, REMOVAL. Because the tree service hired by our electric company estimates that it will interfere with their power lines in the next few years. It’s not interfering NOW, mind you… but it MIGHT in the future.

Um, no. I don’t think so. So I called Duke Power, and a nasty old woman answered the phone, and told me that if my tree had a ribbon around it, it WOULD be cut down and there was nothing I could do about it. So I demanded vehemently asked to speak to her supervisor, who told me the same thing, albeit a bit more politely.

This is not ok with me. My tree is a big effing deal, people… it’s not something that can just be disposed of because it MIGHT be a problem in your future. I LOVE my tree. So I called the tree guy directly (the one that Duke Power hired to do the pruning/removal) and very *sweetly* asked him if I could make an appt for tomorrow morning. I figure the dumbasses over at Duke Power don’t really know or care anything about my tree, and the tree guy himself is the most effective target. Tomorrow morning, I’m serving him iced tea and pulling out all my feminine wiles. Surely, SURELY I still have enough of those to convince him that simply pruning is the better option.  The pictures are of this past Easter… seriously, is it not one of the prettiest trees you’ve ever seen?

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