Got the results for the semen analysis today. Here goes:

Volume – 2.1 ml
Concentration – 82 million/ml
Motility – 80%
Morphology (or shape) – 5%

I’m assuming that the morphology is being evaluated on the strict Kruger scale (although I’m going to ask RE when we see him), which means that “normal” is considered 14%.  But, based on what I’ve read, I’m not sure the a low morphology is a huge deal because a) the other counts are great, and b) I’ve already managed to get pregnant 3 times, thus proving that the sperm, however misshapen it may be, is still managing to reach it’s destination.

So I’m wondering… what’s the relationship between low morphology & pregnancy loss? Or IS there a relationship?

Oh, but here’s a good thing… if/when Bobby is tested again, he’s seemingly ok with it. Apparently, he really enjoyed his time in our RE’s “Man Den” when he made his “donation” (his term, not mine). They have a big, leather recliner and a flat-screen tv sitting on a giant toolbox… he called me giggling afterward in that special 7th-grade Bobby way that he has. I guess they figure that since the semen testing process is so emasculating, they want to make sure all those little tender male egos are just as cushy & comfy as possible.

Hell, whatever works.