I have a job! Yes, that’s right, folks, I said J-O-B. As in gainful employment.

Those of you who’ve been keeping track (that would be my husband) know that I’ve been completely unemployed since I up and quit my soul-crushing job in Jun-08. Tomorrow I’m rejoining the working world part-time at our new-to-us church’s childcare center. I’m subbing as needed in the mornings, and working every afternoon wrangling 2-yr-olds. Muaha-ha-ha. A classroom full of 2’s… ohhh, the entertainment that’s in my future!

During the last 15 months — holy crap, 15 MONTHS! — of unemployment, I’ve had many reactions to my SAHNM (stay-at-mom-non-mom) status. My favorite is probably the mouth dropped open in a look of incredulousness, followed by an indignant “So what do you DO all day?!?” Valid question? Yes. Should I have to justify myself to random, rude people? No. Oh, stupid people. Gotta love ’em :)

So today I’m enjoying my last day of “retirement” with Maggie Sunshine… she just patted my hand as  I type, leaned against me & said “Sassy, I lu you.”

Awwwwww, my heart.