Day Two of Susannathon, complete!

We accomplished her entire color-coded list yesterday, after a brief feeling of hopelessness (refer to previous post for evidence of organizational angst). And last night’s birthday dinner went swimmingly, I think… she was thrilled with all her guests, her food, her gifts…. yay for successful shindigs!

Today is Moving Day. There are boxes of clothing, shoes, and school supplies littering the hallway, and we’re planning to leave at 2:30ish today. Her dorm has a very specific move-in process, and she’s only allowed to move in between 6 and 9pm tonight. Bobby and I are spending the night in Charleston at one of the city’s historical, picturesque bed & breakfasts (excited!), and then coming back tomorrow morning for a birthday party for a very special 3-yr-old :)

Oh, and Sarah the Sickly One would like to state that she’s feeling so much better — thank ya’ll for enduring my constant complaining this week.

I’ll close with a pic of Sue and her K’s — Karee, Kathryn, and Koti. They’re her oldest & dearest friends. I kinda have a thing for headwear (even requested that everyone wear hats to my bridal luncheon, as Whitney & Marlena can attest), and the the K’s embraced my Box O’ Hats last night… makes for fun pics, no?

aug21 159-crop