I’m thankful that a D&C wasn’t necessary this time.

I’m thankful for the hydrocodone left over from Bobby’s gallbladder removal.

I’m thankful for Marlena & Tim, who have called with tears in their voices, and who are coming over this evening to bring dinner and just sit with us.

I’m thankful that I’m able to lie on the sofa today instead of having to drag myself through a day of work.

I’m thankful for an email I received today from former roommate, Kim — I am so glad to count her as a friend and kindred spirit.

I’m thankful for the loving text message from Dave that brought tears even through my hydrocodone haze.

I’m thankful that I don’t feel devastated this time. Numbness is much better than devastation.

I’m thankful for solitaire and mindless television.

I’m thankful for the community that I’ve found, and who have found me, through this blog.

I’m thankful for my Bobby, who cancelled his meetings and came home with a bouquet of sunflowers and frosted sugar cookies.