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Starting next Monday morning, I’m going to herding a passel of 5-yr-olds through four days of VBS/Music Camp. Yes, it’s entirely possible that this could be disastrous… Bobby laughs manically every time I mention it, which is doing nothing for my self-confidence. I’m looking forward to it though — it’s the first thing I’ve been asked to do for our new-to-us church, and I’m determined to give it a hearty try.

In other news, something’s gnawing on my tomatoes. It’s gotten to the point of me picking them green and letting them ripen on the kitchen window sill. I’ve been advised that I may have a stinkbug problem — can’t say that I’ve ever been told that before. Anybody know how to repel stinkbugs?

Now, about vampires. I’ve belatedly jumped on the vampire train. I wasn’t so much into the Twilight books — Bella’s character just got on my last nerve. But then I greatly enjoyed the movie (developed an adolescent crush on the little pretty boy that plays Edward Cullen), so decided to put “True Blood” at the top of our Netflix queue. It’s fabulous, ya’ll — funny, spooky, gory, and completely addictive. And the writers have nailed the South dead-on… bigotry, religion, drama, social tension, & sex all rolled up into one big fascinating ball. Sue and I have a date to finish Season 1 tonight — we have to close our blinds so our neighbors won’t judge us for watching smut :)

Next paragraph, home improvement. I love a freshly painted room… the more color, the better. From left to right: our master bedroom is smokey slate, hallways are chocolate, kitchen is gourd, dining room is antique blue, and living room is barley. (The blues look very similar here, but the slate is actually a good bit greener than the antique blue).


But then there’s the master bathroom. I hate it. I hate the colors I chose (they’re not pictured… that’s how much I hate them). I hate the painted woodwork (which was white, and then I decided to paint it. Stupid idea.)  I hate the curtains I made. Blah. This has never happened to me before. And it would be the room that took the longest to paint, of course. It took a while for me to admit that I chose badly (kept thinking it would grow on me), and when I did, Bobby said “Yeah, I’ve hated it ever since you did it.” Um, ok, super. Thanks for telling me.

It’s directly off the master bedroom, so I feel like I need to blend…  keep leaning toward more blue, green, gray-type colors, but it just feels boring to have everything be in that color family. Also been playing with Behr’s ColorSmart tool, where you can choose a color, and Behr gives coordinating suggestions… haven’t found anything that appeals. Dunno. But I’m feeling antsy. Every time I go in there, I hate it a little more. My bathroom is NOT my happy place.

And one last tidbit. Since the Great Robbery of 2009, we decided to have a security system installed. You have the choice of having your system go through a land-line or cell phone, and we chose the land-line*. Bobby and I haven’t had a house phone since the Charlotte days, back in 2006. Feels all retro and old-school and stuff.

*YES, we know that nefarious beings could cut our phone line and have their way with us, but the paranoia has to stop somewhere, and we drew the line there. Please don’t tell me scary stories about rapists and murderers and home invasions, k?

And so to embrace our return to traditional phone service, I bought this baby off Ebay:

jul29 025

Yes, folks, that is a vintage orange rotary phone. I laugh every single time I walk by it… the color, the dial, the shrill ring, the cord that strands you in the doorway with it’s 1.5-ft length… it’s great. Ha.