So the universe and I are working through it. We still have issues, but we’re kinda stuck with each other, so we’re making it work. Bobby’s company’s insurance verified that they’ll cover the loss, even if our homeowners doesn’t…  it’s a gigantic relief  (although I’m still thoroughly annoyed with All.State).

If  you don’t mind, could you guys leave a comment telling me who ya’ll have homeowner/auto insurance through & what your experiences have been? I’ve always been with St.ate Farm & now All.State… I wonder if it would be worth looking into some of the other (maybe smaller, more personal?) companies. We’re getting ready to break up with Wach.ovia, too, in favor of a smaller bank… kinda fits into our goal of localizing & scaling back.

I know this post is just plain boring. Sorry. I’ll do better next time.