Newton’s Law for Bobby & Sarah:

Every good occurrence has (a minimum of) an equal and opposite bad occurrence.

Bobby and I closed on our house refi. Payments are lower, interest rate is better, it feels like we’re a step closer to our goal of me staying home with our eventual kids. We come home and talk about our finances, about getting back on the Dave Ramsey debt snowball train, about moving in a positive direction. It feels nice.

Bobby gets up for an early-morning video shoot. Showers, grabs breakfast, & heads out the door, where he discovers that the video equipment he had loaded into the car the night before has been stolen. $10,880 worth of equipment, GONE. Yes, we know he should haven’t have left it in the car. Yes, we know that loading the car the night before to save a few minutes in the morning was a really stupid idea. But we should be able to leave stuff in our own damn car in our own damn driveway. It’s OUR driveway, for fuck’s sake. The car was parked down at the bottom of the drive, less than 5 feet from the living room window. The lights were on, the tv was on, Bobby & I didn’t go to bed until 1:30am, Sue & a friend came in at 2:30am. And yet someone, somehow, still managed to break into our locked car, take the equipment (which was hidden under a little storage cart, by the way), put the cart BACK in the car, and make their getaway.

What the fuck, people.

So now we’re playing the insurance game. Round 1 goes to All.State — Bobby called with the police report case number, and our insurance rep told him that it’s not covered under our homeowners because, as specialized electronic equipment, it should have had it own special policy. Huh. Well, it would have been really, really fan-fucking-tastic if you had mentioned that BEFORE our equipment was stolen, Mr. Insurance Man (who also happens to be family, and who was fully aware that we owned “specialized electronic equipment”). Round 2 will be held today.

Oh, and Bobby made a flier with pictures, serial numbers, etc of the equipment and took them around to all the local pawn shops. Favorite quote of the day? One of the shopowners down in crackville briefly glanced at the flier, shrugged, and said “So if this stuff comes in, whadaya want ME to do about it?”  Um, call the cops?  Do the right f-ing thing?!  Not be a sleazy douchebag?!?  Just a thought.

Dear Universe,
Once, just once, I would really appreciate the cosmic balance tipping in our favor. More than once would be nice, but hey, we’re not picky. I know that you don’t usually intervene in these sorts of matters, but I was thinking that maybe the last two years might have earned us a couple of free passes on “shit happens.”  I don’t necessarily want to pass off my bad luck on to someone else, but I can honestly say that I think our turn should be over. Dear Universe, I know that you’ll make the right decision, but I do so hope that you’ll kindly consider my request.
Thank you for your valuable time.