I finished my quilt top this morning, and am now working on the backing. Bought too much fabric (as usual) — I’m always afraid that I’m not going to have enough, and then end up with way too much. Also bought batting yesterday. I felt very anti-polyester, although I doubt it makes a difference in the long run — bought Warm & Natural cotton batting instead of the less expensive poly-version.

Also found some cute & colorful bed linens at Good.will yesterday for $1-2 each… here they are all freshly washed & folded, ready to be reborn into a quilt of some sort:

jul7 023

This is a completely random thought, but I wanted to ask…  I’m going to start another birdie quilt when I finish this one, and was wondering if ya’ll would like to do it with me?  I came across this idea at the Old Red Barn Co, and it seems like such a wonderful project for a blog community. Of course, she’s a quilting expert and gave away fabulous prizes, while I’m not and I wouldn’t. But if I going to be doing another quilt anyway, just thought that ya’ll might in interested in learning with me?

Material cost would be approximately $75, give or take $25 based on your material choices. If you use old bedsheets, recycled clothing, etc, it would potentially be much less than this. You don’t have to have a sewing machine — just have to have the patience to do it by hand.

Anyway, it’s just a thought. If you’re not interested, just ignore me, and I’ll continue with Birdies Take 2 as planned… :)