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I’ve had several chilly beers, and that makes me happy… I think I’ll have another in just a moment.  Quite the silver lining — is it not? — that I obtain such great enjoyment out of non-pregnancy-approved beverages. Kinda feels like I’m drowning my sorrows, but I’m washing them down with Heineken (which is all our beer fridge currently has to offer), and it’s just so damn tasty.

I got out the nifty CBE fertility monitor today, read the instruction manual, reset the memory, unpacked my test sticks, and laid everything out precisely like so many surgical tools. Maybe I’m a freak, but I’m kinda excited out the whole little digital screen telling me what to do. No guesswork and stressing about when to test, and “is *that* line as dark as/darker than *this* line?” No, the digital screen will take that burden away from me, and allow me to “just relax.” (That’s what the CBE instruction manual said… that I just need to RELAX when trying to conceive. Suck it, CBE.) Ain’t technology grand?

And I have a confession. I can’t tell Bobby because I’m the financial grinch in our relationship, and I’m ashamed to admit this, not because he would even get testy (he wouldn’t), but because I would feel guilty with my very obvious double standard… I just made not one, but TWO, impulse purchases on ebay. I think it’s a combination of knowing that our mortgage refinancing is finally an (almost) done deal and, well, the beers might have made my finger a little click-happy as well. I love beer. Like really, really love it.

Ya’ll should be proud of me… although I was mightily tempted, I didn’t buy nursery fabric. Oh, I looked at it — I’m drawn to the pastel toiles and fat babies and nursery displays like a moth to its inevitable doom. But I didn’t click purchase. Go me.

So this is what I bought… and yes, in case you’re wondering, I’ve always been like this. I get fixated on a new project or hobby and go balls-out for a while, and then it blows over. I plan (hope) to use this fabric before my quilting obsession becomes a thing of the past.

#1 Secret Purchase: Squares of these fabrics… aren’t they perfectly vintage and charming?


And #2 Secret Purchase: Squares of these fabrics… fun & modern.

fabric buy

No, Bobby doesn’t read this blog unless I ask him to. So my secret should be safe with you guys. IRL readers, please don’t rat out me & my impulse purchases, mkay?  K, thanks.