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I just had an explosion of good things in the last hour or so… ceeeel-e-brate good times, c’mon!! duh-duh-ta-duh-duh!!

  1. Just got the phone call that our house refinance is going through, and we close on Friday… YIPPEE! This refinance has been pending for months, and I was starting to think that it just might not happen. This is going to lower our mortgage payment by ~$500, which makes our current financial state so, SO much better going forward. Freakin’ YAY.
  2. Spending time with Richard this morning — he’s screamingly cheesy, and half his back-up dancers are overweight (aka “normal-looking”), and everyone is so flippin’ happy. Does a Sarah good.
  3. Keeping Maggie tonight… just got text confirmation from Jennifer. I haven’t laid eyes on Maggie in over two weeks, and haven’t actually spent time with her in almost three… the longest dry spell since she was born. Maggie is a beam of sunshine for me… so incredibly glad that I get to keep her tonight.
  4. The comments you gals have left about my quilt… THANKS. The “you could sell it” comments are too sweet — I don’t know if you’d say that if you could see all the crooked stitches, but your words really made my heart glow. So thank ya’ll!
  5. Using vintage bedsheets in my next quilt… holy lord, what an obvious and fabulous idea that someone else had! I’m heading to thrift stores in a sec to see if I can find some treasures.
  6. A completely random thing that made me laugh this morning, and so I share it with you…  inventive mail delivery at its finest: