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Dr Jerry today.  We were trains passing in the night, or ships, or… hell, anyway, we totally didn’t connect. I kept trying to talk about the wrongness and sadness of wanting something so badly that should be a natural process, and he kept trying to tell me that these are MY issues and no one else’s. He’s trying to make me understand that there are two separate issues afoot — #1 is pregnancy/infertility & everything that goes with that, and #2 is a control dynamic between my sister and me that has nothing to do with #1.   I’m too close to it, though.. I can’t get enough distance to see them separately.

Finally, the hour was up and I was glad. Damn man trying to make me think about stuff when all I wanna do is just sulk and be sad. Humph.

Thank you for your comments, dear blogger friends. I do know I’m not alone, and that my wretched too-sensitiveness is actually quite familiar to many of you. Wish all you girlies lived in South Carolina, and then we could all get drunk and laugh & cry & commiserate in real life. Wouldn’t that be the most fun??

But I do have something special to share, and please try to contain your mocking laughter. I ordered this online today… it’ll be arriving in the next week:

richard simmons

Yep, that’s the one, the only Richard Simmons. And not just ONE dvd of Richard, please note…  I bought the COMPLETE COLLECTION. A 5-disc set. Oh yes.

I woke up at 5am this morning with a sudden conviction that I should buy a dvd by Richard Simmons. I have a couple of other exercise dvds, and those skinny bitches just get all over my nerves.  But Richard? Oh, I think that Richard and I will have quite a happy relationship just as soon as he shows up in my mailbox. Richard won’t care that I’m chubby, infertile, and terrified of gyms. Richard will love me unconditionally. Because Richard loves EVERYBODY.

And just because it made me snicker, I’m going to leave you with this screen grab from his website to get your (and my) July off on the right foot… oh, Richard, you funny, funny, little man, you.

richard simmons1