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Ever heard this phrase? As a child, my grandmother would tell us grandkids to “tend to our knitting” whenever we would tattle on each other or eavesdrop on the adult gossip sessions… translation: mind your own business. Makes me laugh…

And yes, “tendin’ to my knittin'” is precisely what I’ve been doing this week. I mentioned in this post that I’ve been attempting (& reattempting, & re-reattempting) a baby blanket. It’s taken me FOREVER to get this far, since I pretty much have not a clue what I’m doing.

But here’s a picture of what I have so far… it’s still not done, but I’m getting close, I think.

jun26 002

And I found a super-cute blog with all sorts of sewing/quilting/fabric ideas and tips… bought this:


It’s a fusible applique quilting pattern… pretty stinkin’ cute, is it not?! Click here to see what it looks like when it’s finished. I don’t know what kind of fabrics I’m going to use, but I’m looking forward to heading off to the fabric store this week.

And I bathed the Chins… I know, I’m scraping for news, but you gotta admit, these pictures are kinda funny. The bulging eyes, the downturned mouths — that’s some serious Chin-style distress there, ladies and gents.

jun24 006jun24 011