In my constant search for new blogs to add to my Google Reader (love, love, want to hug & kiss Google Reader), I came across an interesting idea… the concept of a compilation page.  It’s just what it sounds like — a page that lists all the top posts, thus (theoretically) giving a quick snapshot of blog topics and writing style.  My blog stats, however, surprised me. The top posts were not the ones I would have necessarily chosen to “represent” me.

But I’m going to give it a try. I’ve added a page that lists the top 25 posts, and I plan to update every few months. If nothing else, this exercise has made me realize that drama = increase in readership. Such is the human condition, I suppose. I admit, I do it too — crises are just more interesting than smoothly flowing lives, no?

So if you’re interested, check it out:  Top 25 Posts