Thank ya’ll for your comments… I cried more than once reading your kind & thoughtful words. I felt quite alone in real life this weekend, but every time I got online, there was another comment or message letting me know that you guys were out there. So thank you, so very much.

During my quiet time, I’ve been doing random little things. Inspired by Levi’s Hope for Tomorrow, I’ve started knitting. I use the word “knitting” loosely… I’m truly horrible at it. I’ve knitted two blankets and unraveled them because they were that bad. I told Sue that I feel like a remedial spider who missed Web-Spinning 101. I’ve been watching knitting videos on YouTube to figure out each step — casting on, knit stitch, purl stitch, and binding off.  My hope, though, is that I’ll eventually figure out what I’m doing and have a few to take up to the local hospital. And I’ve discovered that knitting is right up there with puzzle books in the “keeping your brain occupied” dept. If I ever successfully finish a blanket that I deem worthy of not unraveling, I may post a picture.

I also went back to a website that I had bookmarked a while ago after coming across this post on misfit’s blog. I loved the mosiac that misfit did, and so decided to do my own. It’s really so much fun — you just go to Mosaic Maker, and enter the layout info (I did 4 columns by 4 rows). Then copy & paste the web addresses from Google images that appeal to you, and click CREATE.

You can very much see a theme in the images of each person… it’s like a little window into one’s brain. I thought it was interesting how many porches appeared in my mosaic. I do feel quite drawn to southern porches — guess I never realized how much. If  any of ya’ll do a mosaic, please let me know… I’d love to see it!

Here’s mine: